2018 was sure a whirlwind for artists leaving the scene, and new artists coming into their own. We also saw the full realization of the Eurobeat comeback that was being hinted at towards the end of last year (I so called it!) with many pop groups and idols tapping into Eurobeat throwback sounds from the 90’s and 00’s, and it really was something fresh that got my blood pumping. Future bass continued to spread throughout the scene, and throwback sounds were everywhere. Also the industry continued to adjust to streaming services being the new way of doing things with many Japanese companies embracing spotify and google music as platforms, and more artists turning to youtube to ramp up revenue as things continue to grow more difficult in the music business.

This list of mostly J-Pop (with a bit of K-Pop) thrown in is some of the tracks that were on repeat for me during the year, and although there’s alot missing due to my rule that this list be only songs with Music Videos, I still think it’s a pretty tidy batch of songs!

I could go on forever with all the cool music from 2018, so there’s definitely so much that makes this list incomplete. It’s a fine start though 🙂


  1. Devil ANTHEM. – えっとねれみしー
  2. たこやきレインボー – 虹色進化論
  3. ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 – トナリコレアラタ
  4. PassCode – Tonight
  5. m-flo – No Question
  6. MONDO GROSSO – 偽りのシンパシー
  7. BABYMETAL – Distortion
  8. アップアップガールズ(2)- っていう初恋のお約束
  9. ばってん少女隊 – BDM
  10. KOTO – タイガーファイヤーサイバーファイター
  11. フェアリーズ – HEY HEY 〜Light Me Up〜
  12. lyrical school – Cookin’ feat. Young Hastle
  13. Chuning Candy – S.T.L.
  14. 私立恵比寿中学 – 熟女になっても feat. SUSHIBOYS
  15. PRODUCE48 – 내꺼야(PICK ME)
  16. はちみつロケット – 花火と漫画とチョコと雨
  17. くるーず〜 CRUiSE! – どってんかいめい
  18. CY8ER – カタオモイワズライ
  20. ヲルタナティヴ – 飴色リズム

Kick back and enjoy, and think of this as a way to catch up on some of the things you might have missed this year!

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