Okay… so I know this is a cheesy online list thing, but hey I got some time to kill and maybe you’ll find something unique from my taste to check out!


1.First Idol Song you heard

hmmm… this is actually kind of difficult, because I was already listening to alot of J-Pop before getting into specifically the “idol” genre and really knowing about it. So I suppose it depends on how you define it. It’d be easy to mention a early Morning Musume song, but really that early on they weren’t considered the same as what nowadays we refer to as idols. However I can’t ignore that my first thought about this kind of thing should probably go to them. I was Kinda of anti-idol early on because I was a little too intense to take the light and fluffy music seriously. The House music influences of some of the early morning musume singles were definitely up my alley back then as DJ, so I remember really digging this alot when it came out. Also, it’s been awhile so it’s hard to pinpoint the “first” idol song I heard.


2.A Song by your oshi group

Kind of a strange way to pose this question… never heard the term “oshi group” I’m guessing the author means favorite group? I don’t exactly have one group that’s my favorite, but I go through alot of periods of listening to alot from a group so I’ll go with that. This is a hard one to pick because looking ahead at some of the other questions, the first songs that come to mind better fit those. I’ll go with a バンドじゃないもん! track because I don’t know if i’ll have much excuse to have them on this list. They consistently have such great songs, they’re perfect.


3.Favorite hello! project song

There’s probably better choices for this, but this is the only one that just leaps out of my mind when this question is posed. Riho and crew at the height of their power in my mind.


4. favorite akb48g song

Well, this one was a hard question but I think if I boil it down to this track still holds up for me despite the fact I could go on and on about classic AKB48 singles and stage songs that are so legendary. HKT48 has been my favorite since before even their first original songs, and I remember I was living in Japan when this came out and because of “flying get” (customary day-before release date cd instore release in japan) it came out on my birthday and I bought several copies and was practically in tears because of how perfect the song was for them and their style.


5.favorite sakamichi series song

Honestly this is kind of a easy one because I don’t really drink the nogizaka or keyakizaka cool-aid for the most part, however I will say keyakizaka has had some really cool music videos and sometimes decent songs to go with them. I even remixed this song, so I at least dig this one alot.


6.favorite idol street song

Okay… I could go with a more recent track from wasuta, but considering I would’ve loved to have put a GEM song here (they don’t count anymore as idol street as of me writing this), however c’mon guys this track is legend.


7.favorite stardust song

Sure, I could take the easy route and pick a awesome momoclo song or something, but this track has been my obsession since I found it. I love this song and it’s getting so much rotation on my earbuds when I’m traveling. also, sakura ebi~zu are really great and are one of stardust’s next big groups i think.


8.favorite wack song

ok… not really into that stuff so much, but its cool.


9.favorite song by a 2d group

This was actually alot harder of a choice than I had anticipated. I thought i’d be able to go to love live or idolm@ster for a quick pick, but all the tracks that are my favorites from those are technically solo songs… so I used this because this kinda counts and its god damn epic, this version in the video isn’t as good as the CD version (it had different instrumentation).


10.a song by an alt-idol group


Kind of odd question because I’m not sure what would define an alt-idol group to be honest. I listen to so much indie idols that I don’t think it’s just a matter of mainstream appeal… although I’m asking a friend and apparently this is a term that’s circulating within the western idol fan online community that pretty much refers to BiS-type groups and pretty much anything with rock music that isn’t mainstream… so i’ll pick out a choice cut from ゆくえしれずつれづれ. their songs are all pretty good, and if you’re looking for something more rock/screamo from under the radar check them out.


11.a song by a non-idol group

here’s a Chelmico song. congratulations you’re listening to better music now.


12.a song by a disbanded group

too soon. T_T


13.a song by a local / underground group

Group I saw in Fukuoka… pretty you never heard of them. Pretty standard idol stuff, but they were pretty fun live. good stuff.


14.a song by a group you don’t follow

Idol College has a lot of good songs, however I don’t really follow them and I never seen them live yet. seems like kind of it’s own fandom kinda like alice project and their fans.


15.a song by a group you wanna get into

Still pretty early on but have been trying to get into their groove lately.



16.favorite song by a sub unit

M Three was a cool sub-unit from Fairies that had a few really fresh singles. I hope at some point they’ll do another release under that name.



17.favorite song by a solo idol

First thing that came to mind. KOTO is a force of nature, I love going to see her shows. and Kisa-san’s music is on another level and so unique.


18.an idol song from the showa period

Love me some Saitou Yuki.


19.and idol song from the 90’s

I hope we can count SPEED back then as idols… the 90’s were strange because the idols during that decade weren’t really what we’d classify as such today, so it’s hard to pick something that counts.



20.a song you like that is a cover of another artist

Every AVEX group has to cover a TRF or SweetS song at some point it seems, and TGS was no different back in the day, great track though. I prefer this version.



21.and idol song that was used in an anime or dorama (drama)

great song used for the OP theme of a great anime. so epic, and even has marty friedman on the guitar solo.


22.a self-introduction song

This is a great gem from one of my all time favorite groups LinQ that goes through all the members during the song with a driving beat that’s really wild!


23.a summer themed song

Ok finally an excuse to put a Hakata Reboot song in here. enjoy your cheesecake, you’re welcome.


24.a song with “shoujo” in the title

Okay list, I was ready for this one, no contest. CRUiSE is one of my favorite groups out of Fukuoka, they have some ex-Stereo Fukuoka members btw. You probably see me tweeting about them alot lol.


25.a song with a color in the title

just so happens to be just about my favorite Akishibu Project song too!


26.a song with food in the title

my anthem.



27.a graduation song

I got too emo at the other options so Imma go with this… it counts in my book at least.


28.a song with inspiring lyrics

simple but positive lyrics that talk about prevailing through the darkness and shining your light for everyone.



29.a song that makes you smile

that bassline tho.


30.a song that makes you emotional

i’m not crying… it’s just liquid pride.


31.a powerful song

having witness this song in person I can tell it’s god damn powerful. Idol song or not.


32.a song you can have on repeat for hours

I’ve had this on for hours before… can’t get enough, the epic breakdown in the middle is so great.

33.a song perfect for wotagei

*can’t type wotagei-ing*


34.a song you like singing/ would sing at a karaoke

I hate karaoke. so this is my answer… only the deepest most serious lyrics and hardcore metal.



35.a song you know / wanna learn the dance for

I could probably do this one from memory… I already have done it before.


36.a song with a great music video

BAM! there ya go.


37.a song you wish had a music video

There had better be some dope ParaPara dancing in it too.



38.a song you’ve seen live / wanna see live

Not only did I see this song live, I was at the debut of this song at their big one-man live at Zepp Tokyo. They had a live band that included the writer for most of their songs on guitar, and everyone’s performance was unforgettable… they did a improvised breakdown during the live part where the crowd was singing along and everyone was acapella it was one of the best live experiences I’ve had in my life. I still get chills just thinking about it, and it brings a tear to my eye. so good.


39.a song from a different group you’d like your oshi to cover

this is a strange question, mostly because I don’t exactly have a favorite group exactly… so how about “let it go” by Passpo☆ but covered by PassCode lol… add some screams for me Yuna.


40.a song you want every idol fan to hear

with the demise of all the stereo japan family of groups, there’s increasingly lest great EDM idols, and woltanative (a spinoff of maplez) just getting going with a similar mix of rock and edm. They have alot of deep emotional vibes in their songs that really stick with me. keep an eye for them.


41.your favorite idol song

I could call LinQ my favorite idol group all-time if I wanted to go out on a limb… and this song is by my favorite idol song composer. Everything about this is perfect, and live it’s even better. It’s the kind of track that just stays around and is always a great track for encores and show ending.

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