Just heard George Michael died, and “Patience” is one of the greatest albums of any genre of all time. His dedication to his art was incredible and he always held everything to the highest standard, never letting something compromise his process.

Back in 2004 I did a remix/edit thing of “Precious Box” so I figured that even though it’s not nearly as good as my recent work, i’d bring it out of my archives to share on this occasion.

Artist: George Michael
Title : Precious box ( Dj Amaya Epic 2004 Remix )
Genre : Trance
BPM : 140
Length: 8:27
Release Type : Bootleg / Edit

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George Michael - Precious Box (Dj Amaya Vocal Remix).mp3 – Downloaded 1796 times – 7.74 MB

as a bonus, here’s a truly embarrassing vocal trance cover I did of “Careless Whisper”. try not to laugh, it was 2003 I wasn’t good.

Artist: DJ Amaya
Title : Careless Whisper (Wham! Cover)( Dj Amaya Epic 2003 Club Mix )
Genre : Trance
BPM : 140
Length: 11:39
Release Type : Bootleg Cover

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Download “careless whisper cover”

Careless Whisper ( Dj Amaya Epic 2003 Club Mix ).mp3 – Downloaded 726 times – 10.67 MB

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