When trying to help people new to AKB48 get into them, eventually the vast world of “AKB stages” comes in to play. There’s so many songs, so many units, so really there’s something for everyone. If you don’t like AKB48 stage songs… then you just haven’t heard enough of them yet.

Anyway, here’s my personal favorites (and thus recommended) songs to start with. These are pretty defining songs overall for each of the teams, and is a great way to kind of find which team is for you. I will say overall, that I’m biased towards Team K for their “Kick ass” performance, and energy, combined with amazing songs. so keep that in mind.

AKB48 Team A Stage Song Favorites! (in chronological order)

“Party ga Hajimaru yo” is the first song of the first stage, and it’s a great way to start. it’s got a nice dance vibe, and the dance move during the chorus gets me everytime.

“Sakura no Hanabiritachi” is an Iconic Ballad that has continued to be an emotional song for fans, and usually is performed when members “Graduate” (their term for leaving the group). also a great song if you like ballads overall.

“Aitakatta” is one of their most well-known song, and is also their first Major-label single. fans, and non-fans alike know this song. This one definitely grew on me the more I heard it.

“Dear my teacher” rivals “Party ga hajimaru-yo” as my favorite early Team A song. it’s so dancey, and it’s really catchy. love it.

“Bird” is awesome because it’s Takahashi Minami’s trademark solo song. She’s one of the strongest singers in the group and a powerful performer. badass.

“Faint” … because Tomochin.

“Bingo” I love the chorus on this so much, so catchy.

“Tsundere” because… TOMOCHIN.

“AKB Sanjou” is the most badass Team A song ever. just sayin’…

there’s more, but I’m limiting this to what I can get from Youtube at the moment.

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