When trying to help people new to AKB48 get into them, eventually the vast world of “AKB stages” comes in to play. There’s so many songs, so many units, so really there’s something for everyone. If you don’t like AKB48 stage songs… then you just haven’t heard enough of them yet.

Anyway, here’s my personal favorites (and thus recommended) songs to start with. These are pretty defining songs overall for each of the teams, and is a great way to kind of find which team is for you. I will say overall, that I’m biased towards Team K for their “Kick ass” performance, and energy, combined with amazing songs. so keep that in mind.

Fun fact: The “K” in team K stands for KICKASS.

AKB48 Team K Stage Song Favorites! (in chronological order)

“Blue Rose” is a such a rockin’ song. my face gets rocked everytime I watch it. this combo of members is so badass. throw up the horns!!! basically this is the sub-group “DiVA” before they were a thing. some of the best singers and dancers in one song.

“Korogaru Ishi ni Nare” badass performances like this are why Team K is my favorite. I mean, really, look at this shit, it’s fuckin’ amazing. how can you not get pumped up to this?!!!

“Maria” Masuda Yuka… f-ing badass, and the chorus is so catchy. love this one. Masuda Yuka is probably the best pure singer in AKB48 in my opinion (along with Iwasa Misaki).

“Saishuu Bell ga Naru” the melody of this song gets me everytime!! omg, so awesome.

“Mushi no ballad” I had to put this on here, or Akimoto Sayaka would come over here and personally beat me up. She’s a BAMF.

“To be continued..” was in the first AKB48 documentary when they talked about the team shuffles. This song always gets me because it reminds me of that final performance video. dat Team K.

“RESET” was my first favorite stage song for AKB entirely. I love it, it’s dancey, rocky, and the performance is awesome. Team K 6th stage is my favorite, and… it has Tomochin.

“UHHO UHHOHO” this one makes me want to pump my fist. rocks my ass.

I could go on forever esepcially with the 6th stage (my favorite Team K Stage)…

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