When trying to help people new to AKB48 get into them, eventually the vast world of “AKB stages” comes in to play. There’s so many songs, so many units, so really there’s something for everyone. If you don’t like AKB48 stage songs… then you just haven’t heard enough of them yet.

Anyway, here’s my personal favorites (and thus recommended) songs to start with. These are pretty defining songs overall for each of the teams, and is a great way to kind of find which team is for you. I will say overall, that I’m biased towards Team K for their “Kick ass” performance, and energy, combined with amazing songs. so keep that in mind.

For as much as I love Team K, honestly I have so much Team B stage songs on my mp3 player… (don’t tell Sayaka, she’d kill me).

AKB48 Team B Stage Song Favorites! (in chronological order)

“Shonichi” is an iconic Team B song, and fans in general love it. The song has a lot of meaning because the experiences and troubles of the Team B members were wrote into the lyrics. Previous Team B stages were basically just them doing old Team A songs, and this was their first original stage. This song was also featured in the anime AKB0048.

“Tenshi no shippo” DUUUDE, Love-tan’s signature song… and it’s such a cute and catchy song. it’s hard to be angry when listening to this. it’s like a delightful sugary sweet topped with chocolate and fancy sprinkles. oh yeah… with Tails.

“Wasshoi B” is such fun little theme song for them. Team B have many songs that pretty much just introduce the members in a cute way. this one is so catchy. totally doesn’t sound like Louie-Louie…

“Zannen Shoujo” who knew Mayuyu could rock?

“B Stars” I just love this because it reminds me of Eurobeat remixes… B B B B !

“Team B Oshi” this was so good it made their first album even as a stage song. also, this was voted as fans #1 favorite one time, and is usually in the top of the list even now for the request setlist countdown concerts! recently this even received a new actual Music Video thanks to fans voting! hell, I even remixed it.

There’s a ton more great songs, but these really define what Team B is to me. if you like these definitely check out the rest of the songs on each team B stage.

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